Civil protection and fire safety

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Preparations personnels to action during fires and other emergencies

Systematicity and consistency is the principle by which the Kherson Commercial Sea Port State Enterprise is approached in preparing its employees for action in the event of a fire or other emergency.

In order to train employees in emergency situations, the management of the enterprise closely cooperates with the training and methodological center of civil protection and safety of life in the Kherson region, where, according to the established terms, training of management personnel, specialists and workers of working specialties. In addition, training with emergency response staff is conducted directly in the workplace.

It is not an exception and the crew members on the float of the enterprise, which systematically work out their actions to fight for the survivability of the ship, including the extinguishing of a conventional fire with the use of existing fire extinguishers. In addition to improving its actions to extinguish a conventional fire, it also checks the serviceability of existing firefighting equipment and property, which is a very important factor in ensuring the safety and health of people.

Invaluable experience in dealing with firefighting and elimination of other dangerous situations, crews of vessels and other employees of the enterprise is passed by fire-rescuers of the 20-th state fire-rescue part of Suvorov district
Kherson Main Directorate of the CSN of Ukraine in the Kherson region, who within the framework of the contract for permanent and obligatory emergency rescue services have been actively participating in joint trainings on the territory of the enterprise for more than two years. Such trainings involve employees who are members of a volunteer fire brigade (DPD), a shipyard, electricians, company drivers, and the like. In addition, in accordance with the design of each individual training, these measures additionally involve employees of the relevant structural units of the enterprise, who are directly in the workplace and work out their actions on notification, evacuation of people and material assets, call fire and rescue units, extinguishing and elimination other emergencies that may occur according to the specifics of the workflow.

– It is very good that fire-fighting companies have the opportunity to train together with fighters of the State Emergency and Rescue Service of the Emergency Situations of Ukraine, which allows not only to improve their practical skills, but also to adopt the rich experience of professionals in this business, – said the instructor of fire prevention SE “KCSP” Mukola Kalashnukov. Most importantly, such joint training has recently been carried out systematically, with the gradual complication of the tasks faced by each such training and the constant change of objects that are being worked on to eliminate possible fires and the consequences of emergencies.