Production of loading and unloading works

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The company has extensive experience in the organization and implementation loading and unloading operations, the providing of other services for cargo and ships following through the enterprise.

The works are proceed / services are provided by the company 24-hours on the basis of written requests from customers in a time frame that is agreed in writing by the parties.

The enterprise has organized the timely unloading of cargos from ships and carriage, other types of transport and loading on ship, into carriage and another types of transport  in accordance with the current rules and regulations, ensures acceptance and delivery of cargoes, keeping their records.

To process out loading and unloading works on the berths of the enterprise were located 14 portal cranes with a lifting capacity of 5-10 tons.  The company also has 6 floating cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 to 150 tons, owns a fleet of small-scale mechanization equipment (forklifts, bucket loaders, port tractors, bulldozers, tractors and others).