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Basic services of KSCP

Transshipment of foreign trade, transit and cabotage cargoes

More than 40% of the transshipment volume have been of mineral fertilizers, chemical cargoes in bulk and packaged, about 40% – grain and bread cargoes.

Packing of bulk and piled up cargo

Due to the availability of packing machines at the enterprise, the enterprise is able to accept mineral fertilizers in bulk, other bulk and bulk cargoes.

Production of loading and unloading works

The company has extensive experience in the organization and implementatio of loading and unloading operations.

Separation, cargo securing

Dry cleaning of cargo, weighing of cargo on 60 tons and 30 tons of auto-scales.

Cargo storage at the port

For the purpose of accumulation by the customer of a ship party

Sale of river sand

Kherson Sea Commercial Port is the largest producer of sand.

The design capacity of the port is 5 million tons per year. The port handles general, bulk and bulk cargo. More than 40% are recyclable at the port of cargo - mineral fertilizers and chemical cargoes in bulk and packaged and about 40% - grain cargoes. The port also processes ferrous metals of all profiles, cast iron in cover, chark, ferroalloys, wood, and peat.

Support services of the State Enterprise “KSCP”:

1. Transportation by ships of the fleet service of foreign trade and transit cargo to the ports of the Black Sea.
2. Towing support.
3. Ice wiring.
4. Sand extraction, shipment and delivery to the customer’s address.
5. Expedition of export, import and transit cargoes, including:
– intra-port freight forwarding;
– organization and conducting round-the-clock operational reports on cargo movement;
– coordination of volumes and placement of goods arriving at the port, terms of their delivery and export;
– organization of receipt and processing of transport documents for cargo;
– registration of manifests, bills of lading, navigational receipts for shipped goods.
6. A complete set of laboratory tests to determine the quality of grain, products of grain processing in the formation of ship parties.
7. Delivery and removal from watercraft of crewmembers, commissions, pilots, labor, and deliveries to the vessels, which are in the Kherson port and on raid by vessels of fleet service.
8. Towing services.
9. Services of floating cranes.
10. The enterprise lab provides quality assurance services
batches of cereals, oilseeds according to customer’s samples.

Port capacity:

1. Portal cranes “Gantz”, “Albrecht”, “Albatross” – g / p 5 20 tons – 14 units
2. Float cranes – h / p 16t – 4 units, 100t -1 units, 150t. – 1 unit
3. Fork lift trucks:
– y / n from 1,5 t to 4 t – 19 units
– g / n 10t – 1 units
– y / n 16t – 3 units
4. Front-end auto-loaders – bucket volume 0,4 – 5 m3 – 16 units
5. Tractors – 2 units, Bulldozers – 5 units, Port tractors – 3 units, Trucks – 5 units
6. Complex for packing of mineral fertilizers in bags of 50 kg, Big-Bag from 500 to 1000 kg
7. Grain cargo processing complex.

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