Port rules

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Port parking

Processing of ships in the port is carried out on the terms and conditions, as ordered by the cargo owners or their forwarders.

The owners of cargo or their forwarders according to the agreements must submit the application for the delivery of ships under loading no later than 6 days before the beginning of the planned month.

The vessel shall not have the right to change the berth in the port without the permission of the port manager and the port control inspector.


When mooring operations, use of tugboats is obligatory! Quantity and capacity are determined by the pilot in agreement with the master of the vessel.

The call of the tugboat for mooring works is made through the next port manager. The guidance of towing ships on board is carried out by the captain.

Navigation mode

The port is open to ships of all flags throughout the year and receives vessels up to 200 m long, with drafts up to 7.6 m in fresh water.

All traffic in the port is regulated by the port master’s duty service, and no vessel has the right to enter, exit, occupy or change the port without the permission of the officer on duty of the port supervision.

In the water area of the port, the speed of the vessel may not exceed 6 knots, except for vessels on hydrofoils.

When passing through the water area of the port, vessels, not reaching 500 m to the suns № 1, 2, 3, should give one long sound signal, increase vigilance, stay in the middle of the river and pass out of the floodplains with special care, as at any time at the intersection of the course of the sun can leave the ship!