Normative documents

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The main normative legal acts regulating the activity of SE “KSCP” are:

The Constitution of Ukraine;
The Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine;
The Civil Code of Ukraine;
– Commercial Code of Ukraine;
– Tax Code of Ukraine;
– Land Code of Ukraine;
– Water Code of Ukraine;
– Labor Code of Ukraine;
– Code of Civil Protection of Ukraine;
– Law of Ukraine “On Seaports of Ukraine”;
– Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Economic Activity”;
– Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Investment Regime”;
– Law of Ukraine “On Investment Activity”;
– The Law of Ukraine “On Transport”;
– Law of Ukraine “On labor protection”;
– Law of Ukraine “On Freight Forwarding Activity”;
– The Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Protection”;
– Rules of rendering services in seaports of Ukraine;
– Decrees of the President of Ukraine, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, decrees of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and other normative legal acts.