“Legendary person”. “Portman with a capital letter.”

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“Legendary person”. “Portman with a capital letter.” “Patriarch of the Kherson Seaport”. This is what the staff of the State Enterprise “Kherson Commercial Sea Port” Valentina Gritsenko is called.

Exactly half a century from 1961 to 2011, that is, his entire adult life, he devotedly worked in the Kherson seaport. After graduating from the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers, Valentin Ivanovich began his career as a stevedore of the cargo section, in 1972 he was appointed head of the Port Fleet.

Our very respected port worker was awarded with medals “For Valiant Labor” and “Veteran of Labor”. It is very nice to see him, communicate and hear the memories of working days of past years in the museum of the State Enterprise “KHMPP”, understanding the inviolability of the traditions of the workers of the marine industry of our state.

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