Kherson is the absolute champion of Ukraine in trampoline jumping

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On September 13-16, the Open Cup of Ukraine was held in Odesa in the middle of the trampolining party. The competitions were attended by sportsmen from 6 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv, approximately 107 sportsmen who competed under the MCU program in individual-team competitions (individual and synchronous jumps).

Among cholovikiv abcolyutnym chempionom individual and cynhronniy prohramah ctav Mykola Proctorov – cportcmen BB “Herconcka shkola vyschoyi cportyvnoyi maycternocti” Herconckoyi oblacnoyi Council Zacluzhenyy maycter cportu Ukraine, cribnyy medalist II Yevropeyckyh ihor nominations in 2019 Mincku (Biloruc).

The duo of Mykola Prostorov / Anton Davidenko confidently led the way with a score of 44.48, beating their rivals from Odessa by 2.65 points.

In this way, the top Croatian athlete confirmed his high level of competitiveness and, in the composition of the national team of Ukraine, will win the license for the 21st Summer Olympic Games at the 9th Olympic Games in the Cup.

Athletes train with the support of SE “Kherson Sea Commercial Port”

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