State Enterprise “Kherson Commercial Sea Port”: about problems, victories and development trends of the Kherson stevedore

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Recently, articles appeared in various media, including negative ones, regarding the activities of one of Kherson’s leading enterprises, the state-owned enterprise Kherson Commercial Sea Port.

Probably only a person living in a complete information vacuum did not hear about the concession of the Kherson Commercial Sea Port, the import of sand from Montenegro, as well as the incident, which happened in the sand-mining career near. Fishing.

Our editorial staff was interested in understanding what was happening with a state-owned enterprise at the moment, in connection with which we turned to the port authorities for an interview.

– Let’s start in order, so to speak, unscrew the film back. We asked questions immediately to the deputy director of the State Enterprise Kherson Commercial Sea Port, Ryzhkov Ilya Anatolyevich.

– Good day, Ilya Anatolyevich!

– Kind!

– Immediately with hostility! Sand scandal. The sensational story with the supply of contaminated sand from Montenegro. What do you know about this issue, and should the Khersons be afraid of this burden? In general, can such a harmful load as radioactive sand get into the port?

– The bayonets? What are you, on the contrary, I want to say thank you very much to the editorial staff for the full-time communication. Recently, there has been a tendency to formulate articles in the media based on what they have heard. In my opinion, if an informational occasion arose, it would be advisable to ask questions to the early participants, and even after that to draw conclusions. Likely, the pursuit of a daily information bomb is a time stamp. We are open to communication. Pages of the company exist in all social networks, a website is functioning.

So, the so-called “radiation load” and in general, is it possible to bring radioactive cargo into the port.

The answer is unequivocal – no. The territory of the enterprise is a zone of customs and border control. The presence and stay on it is clearly defined by regulatory enactments. In fact, this is a checkpoint across the border. When confirming the approach of cargo to the port, the ISPS (port communication information system) has been operating for not the first year. In this system, at the program level, the technology of passing through the state border of persons and means of transport (automobile, water, rail) carriers and goods transported by them, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 05, 05.21, dated 05.21, dated 21.05.

To prevent illegal import / export to / from the territory of Ukraine of radiation cargo at the checkpoints, sensors have been installed that have a direct connection to the customs server. When the radiation-contaminated cargo is triggered, the signal automatically arrives at the regulatory authorities. We care about the ecology of the region, we are here to live!

Regarding the legality of unloading the specified cargo, the information is public. All authorization documents are located in the above ISPS system. In this and the pluses of working with electronic document circulation, there is no way to fix or correct anything.

Moreover, when this hype, which we learned about from the Internet, arose, the port’s specialists, with certified measuring instruments, re-checked the “radiation of Montenegrin sand”. Deviations from the parameters were not detected. Radiation background in natural background.

With regard to the continued use of sand, we can not give comments. This is not our profile. Our task, without delay, to accept the ship, to load / unload, for this, the ISPS system was introduced. There is no ban on setting the vessel for unloading from regulatory authorities – we accept it for work. The freight of the ship is an expensive pleasure (from 3.0 to 5.0 thousand dollars per day).

Kherson Commercial Sea Port fulfilled its obligations under the contract.

– Please comment on the environmental situation that occurred in a career near the village of. Fishing.

– First of all, I note that the enterprise is doing a lot of work both in the field of labor protection, and in the field of environmental protection.

On an ongoing basis, the port operates a service for environmental protection, fire safety and civil protection, which was created to monitor and coordinate the activities of all business units on environmental protection, fire and technical protection.

Honestly, I was very upset by this information. I like fishing and when on November 3 the duty dispatcher reported what had happened – the heart was pinched. The Kherson Commercial Sea Port has been engaged in the development of sand deposits for the first year. As was noted in the state, a sufficient number of specialized and high-class specialists. The company is certified according to ISO 9001.

So, on November 3, 2019, a pest of fish was observed in the career of the sandy career (p. Rybalche, Golopristan district of the Kherson region). All work in the career have been discontinued.

Already on November 4, an internal order for the establishment of an independent commission to conduct an official investigation of the fact of detecting fish killing was created.

To establish the nature of the origin of this fact, the KSPP officially applied for objective and independent science-based research in 19 specialized research institutions, among them: the South Ukrainian Hydrogeological Expedition of the Black Sea State University of Geology and Geology State Enterprise “State Design and Research and Research Institute of Maritime Transport” Black Sea Project “, as well as many others.

On November 7, specialists of the Main Directorate of Gostrud in the Kherson region, together with the head of the geological and surveying service of the state enterprise “KHMPP”, made a trip to the sandy career. During the survey, measurements were taken of the depths of mining operations, which established that sand production from 10/17/2019 to 11/03/2019 was carried out at a level that did not exceed the projected mining depth. Which indicates the compliance with the requirements of the mining development plan, approved by the regulatory authorities. No violation.

The response of the South Ukrainian hydrogeological expedition of the Black Sea PPS in Kherson indicates that the formation of hydrogen sulfide is not possible.

According to the conclusion of the Ukrainian State Geological Exploration Institute in Kiev, the death of fish occurred as a result of eutrophication caused by abnormally high temperatures.

According to the State Enterprise “The State Design and Research and Research Institute of Maritime Transport“ Chernomorniiproekt ”, the sand production technology used does not affect the environment.

When conducting an inspection of the bottom of the pit, the diving group ARZ SP GU SDNS of extraneous objects (barrel, large tanks, fish layer) was not found at the bottom.

Losing the details, the conclusions of the experts are reduced to the fact that the aforementioned abnormally high temperature and saltwater abatement led to a similar situation.

The experts of the regional commission on technical and environmental safety and emergency situations, who conducted a separate investigation, came to this conclusion.

Despite the current situation, we are all together looking for ways that will not allow the situation to happen again.

– Also, an article was recently published about frauds in the ice company.

– It should be noted that the lawyers of the State Enterprise “Kherson Commercial Sea Port” applied to the publication and published these articles with a request to refute the unreliable information and were heard.

I would like to emphasize that the leadership of the State Enterprise “Kherson Commercial Sea Port” has nothing to do with the accusations. The tugboat, which is discussed in the relevant articles, does not belong to the state enterprise “KHMP”. There is no such ship on our balance sheet.

– Is it known that a competitive procedure is underway to transfer the property complex of the State Enterprise “KMTP” to a concession? How will this affect the port? Will there be any kind of abuse by the concessionaire?

– The concession of the state enterprise “Kherson Commercial Sea Port” and the state stevedore port “Olbia” are a pilot project for Ukraine. Our first priority is the correct and clear organization of the work of the enterprise in the transition period, as well as in protecting the interests of the labor collective. According to the conditions of the concession and the project of the concession agreement, the concessionaire is obliged to hire port employees on the same conditions under which they currently perform labor functions. Consequently, the concession project has no reason to worsen the situation of the workers working in the port.

Regarding the relationship with the concessionaire, it is worth noting that the state has enough mechanisms of influence. Impact on the concessionaire is possible, both according to the Law of Ukraine “On Concessions”, and is clearly stated in the concession documents. Therefore, in this case, the Kherson port workers are protected.

– Thanks.

– Always welcome (laughs). In conclusion, I would like to invite journalists to constant communication. We all live and work in one city. Let’s take care of the welfare of the Khersons together.

Happy New Year, all the success and prosperity !!!

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