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The Kherson Sea Commercial Port State Enterprise is in the first place of the Kherson city-forming enterprises and is now open for mutually beneficial work, offering its services in various areas of port activity.

Our efforts are aimed at developing new technologies related to cargo transshipment and attracting freight flows to improve the economic performance of the city and country.

SE “Kherson Sea Commercial Port” provides a wide range of services in complex servicing of ships and cargoes. The reloading complexes are equipped with modern equipment that provides processing of goods.

All of this work is done by our port workers – the company employs more than 600 people with many years of experience, including many talented people.

For many years the state enterprise “Kherson Sea Commercial Port” has firmly established itself on the world map of sea transportation.
Nowadays, the port of Kherson is confidently moving forward, carrying freight, which depend on the entire branches of our economy.

73000 Kherson street. Potemkinskaya, 3

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