State enterprise

Kherson Sea Commercial Port

Basic services

Transshipment of foreign trade, transit and cabotage cargoes

More than 40% of the volume of overload put together mineral fertilizers, chemical cargo in bulk and packaged, and about 40% it is grain and bread cargo.

Packing of bulk and piled up cargoes

Due to the availability of packing machines at the enterprise, the enterprise is able to accept mineral fertilizers in bulk, other bulk and piled up cargoes.

The production of loading and unloading works

The company has extensive experience in the organization and implementation loading and unloading operations.

Separation, cargo securing

Dry cleaning of bilges, weighing of cargo on 60 tons and 30 tons of auto scales.

Cargo storage at the port

for the purpose of accumulation by the client of a shipload

Sale of river sand

The Kherson Sea Commercial Port is the largest producer of sand. Sand is extracted from the Shabovsk occurrence (Ribalche village)

Latest news

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State enterprise Kherson Sea Commercial Port

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Press Service Message

Indicators of cargo processing on the last month

Export is / thousand tons
Import is / thousand tons
Sand cabotage / thousand tons
Cabotage (other cargoes) / thousand tons

About the company

State enterprise “Kherson Sea Commercial Port” is one of the oldest seaports in Ukraine. Founded in 1778, it has been and continues to be a city-forming and budget-filling enterprise from the beginning. Located at the mouth of the Dnipro River, the port is located in the heart of the transport corridors of the Euro-Asian and Black Sea Economic Community, which pass through the developed industrial and agricultural regions of Ukraine. It is an important river and sea transport hub of Ukraine.

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